Spore print Koh Samui Thai psilocybe cubensis


Thai Koh Samui psilocybe cubensis spore print straight from the Island of Koh Samui. Called Psilocybe samuiensis by some, but still it’s a cubensis. This Thai cubensis strain grows fast and quite large, under the right conditions. THe only thai cubensis with it’s own wikipedia page 🙂

General information about the Thai Koh Samui Psilocybe Cubensis strain:

Origin:  Thailand
Caps: 45+ mm, Caramel red brown to lighter brown in color, sometimes with nipple/ acute umbo. Bell shaped, round, flat the caps are different within and in every flush
Stem: 50-120 + mm, medium to tall slim in size. White yellow color. Turns blue when touched.
Spores: Dark brown almost black.1.5–17 x 8–11 µm, subellipsoid, basidia 4-spored
Substrate: Brown Rice Flour, PF Tek and Rye grain. Enriched soil and dung

Trivia:  T

Thai Koh Samui psilocybe cubensis Spore print

The Thai Koh Samui spore prints are made on sterile foil which is stored in sterile ziplock bag and kept under refrigerated conditions. Each batch of spore prints can have a tiny scratch of spores removed from the print. With this swab a test run on agar or liquid culture is made to check the conditions of the spores. Only spores that germinate are released as a print.

Store the Thai Koh Samui Spore print refrigerated between 2*C-8*C Celsius or 35*F-46*F Fahrenheit. A Spore print can be stored for years.


Compost, grain, pasteurized dung, and straw serve as the substrate. Temperatures during colonization range between 28 and 30 degrees Celsius. Temperatures between 22 and 25 degrees Celsius during cropping.

The elevated

When examining several websites, most notably Erowid, mycotopia, and Shroomery, you will see that users report experiencing a powerful head or mental high. It’s also a little perplexing at first since after about a half hour, you may believe it hasn’t kicked in until suddenly, it does and activates your images practically instantaneously. Once it takes effect, the high seems to be pretty nice, as many who try it for the first time describe it on a Thai beach in Koh Phangan.

Koh Samui Psilocybe cubensis (Thai)

These spores fruit, multiply, and colonize rapidly. Although the mushrooms do not grow extremely tall, they do get rather thick. Koh Samui Psilocybe cubensis is very resistant to pollutants and is a wonderful option for novices. Due of these abilities, the strain has suddenly exploded in popularity.


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