Shiitake Mushroom Growing Kit for Fresh Mushrooms


Shiitake Mushroom Growing Kit for Fresh Mushrooms for sale. 


Buy Shiitake Mushroom Growing Kit for Fresh Mushrooms online. Shiitake mushrooms are the entrance to speciality mushrooms, and you can use our shiitake mushroom growing kit to cultivate them fresh at home. Shiitakes have a rich umami taste that helps them stand out in culinary recipes. The stems of shiitakes are normally removed or converted into stock and the caps are cooked. Shiitakes have a high protein content of 18 percent dry weight. Shiitake mushrooms also offer a comprehensive spectrum of amino acids.

Shiitakes are one of the most popular mushrooms in the world, just second to the ordinary button mushroom. In Asia, shiitake is the most popular mushroom. The shiitake mushroom may contribute a lot of flavor and texture to a dish.

Ideal growing conditions for our shiitake mushroom growing kit:

Once your shiitake mushroom kit comes and it has the brown “shiitake bark”, you may begin the process of using your kit. We recommend storing your shiitake kit in refrigerator before you begin spraying the kit with water. The chilly temperature is a means of “shocking” the kit into fruiting. If the temperature outdoors is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, then you can store the shiitake kit outside for 24 hours before commencing.

The recommended range for fruiting this shiitake mushroom growing kit is 45-70 degrees Fahrenheit with a relative humidity of 80-85 percent .

Preparing your kit:

Remove the plastic bag from the shiitake block. Leave the plastic on the bottom so mushrooms will not fruit out the bottom of the block. It is advisable to set the shiitake block on a plate or baking sheet to capture any surplus water after you begin spraying the package.



Place your shiitake kit in a bright place. Shiitake mushrooms need light to fruit, although a lot of light is not necessary, and it should not be direct sunshine. If you can easily read a book in the location where your shiitake mushroom growing kit is situated, then it is receiving enough light to develop correctly.



Begin misting your shiitake mushroom growing kit two or three times each day with water so the humidity level is high enough for the shiitake mushrooms to fruit. As noted previously, a relative humidity of 85 percent is excellent. You will observe small shiitakes growing within two weeks, and it is what we call the pinning stage. After roughly four more days of sprinkling these young mushrooms will grow full size and ready to harvest.

You may lay a loose transparent bag over the shiitake block to boost humidity if needed. You may alternatively use a tiny open bin, too. If you do opt to utilize a humidity tent like a plastic bag or small open container, make sure the kit receives fresh air as well or the shiitakes won’t grow correctly

CO2 and Airflow:


You need to have fresh air flow for the shiitake mushroom growing kit otherwise the mushrooms may end up growing poorly. If you observe the fruiting bodies looking weird, then you probably need more fresh air exchange where the kit is situated. Adjusting the quantity of airflow will help the mushrooms equalize in form throughout the fruiting stage.

When shiitake mushrooms are ready to harvest


Shiitakes should be taken while the crown is still slightly curled in or just before the partial veil falls away. Mushrooms that are harvested before the cap margin gets flat or turned up have a superior texture and keep considerably better. When harvesting, cutting with scissors or a knife is the best. Harvesting the shiitakes flush with the block prevents any contamination for subsequent flushes. After harvesting, keep your shiitake mushrooms in refrigerator for storage.


Allow the shiitake mushroom growing kit to rest after your first harvest


After your initial harvest of fresh shiitake mushrooms, you need to leave the block to rest for two or three weeks. During this rest time you will avoid from spraying the kit with water, and instead, let it sit in a location where it may dry off. A setting that is cool, dry, and with air flow is good.

After two or three weeks, once the block has dried, you may conduct a second flush by burying the block in water for five to ten hours. You will need to use a brick or any comparable item to keep the block submerged. Once the kit has been soaked, return it to the plate or baking sheet where you created the initial flush. Resume spraying the block twice a day. Mushrooms should begin developing again within one week.

After this harvest, leave the block to rest again for a couple of weeks and continue this procedure over again. You should be able to perform this at least three times. The number of fruiting mushrooms will decrease each time you immerse it. The shiitake kit will soon begin breaking apart, at which point you may set it in your garden or compost area to fruit some new mushrooms irregularly.

Understanding the shiitake mushroom from a culinary perspective


When mildly cooked, shiitake mushrooms are rich and buttery with a meatier texture than many other mushrooms. The flavor is smoky, nutty, and earthy when dried. The shiitake is also known to have the umami flavor due to its constituents.

Shiitake mushroom benefits are more significant than people realize. Most shiitake eaters are interested in the flavorful taste and desirable texture. They do not always realize that these delicious mushrooms are also good for our health. If you are looking for ways to support the health of your immune system or your dental health, then shiitake may be a great mushroom for you to grow at home.


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