Hero Magic Mushrooms


Buy Hero Magic Mushrooms online. Hero Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis Hero) is a variety developed by Quality Spores. Hero is a hybrid of the strains Penis Envy and Amazonian. This was the first successful cross-strain created by Quality Spores and is relatively uncommon. Penis Envy is one of our strongest and most popular strains. Amazonian is a common strain that was found in the same place as Penis Envy, the dense Amazon rainforest. Appropriately named Hero, since psychonauts often refer to a hefty dosage as a “Hero dose.” A Hero Dose is often five grams or more of dry mushrooms ingested at once. Users will undergo ego death and total loss of time perception. At hero dosages, one might anticipate a profound spiritual experience and often crippling bodily highs.

Both parents of the strain had robust genetics that allowed them to thrive in the Amazon rainforest’s competitive environment. This region is the most biodiverse in the planet, therefore any mushroom that survives here must be strong. Both Penis Envy and Amazons are very resistant to microbial contamination and produce strong, nutritious fruit.

Hero mushrooms have thicker, lighter-colored stems and bigger, golden crowns than the original Penis Envy. Some caps tend to open, while others stay closed. Due to its genetics, this mushroom strain is known to have a high average psilocybin concentration. It develops a little quicker than the original Penis Envy strain, but quite slowly in comparison to other strains. This strain’s Amazonian ancestry confers resistance to pollutants. Purchase the top Hero Mushrooms in Canada.

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