APEX Magic Mushrooms


Buy APEX Magic Mushrooms online. APEX Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis, APEX) are a brand-new mushroom strain with very little information available. APEX was created by crossing APE (Albino Penis Envy) with another P. Cubensis strain, we learnt. Compared to its Albino Penis Envy ancestry, the look of APEX fungi is quite disappointing. We anticipated a more meaty and colorless fruit, but what we discovered was a fruit with a light-colored stem and golden crowns of medium thickness.

This strain’s potency is certainly on the stronger side. Expect great potency, and excessive dosages are not suggested for first-time users. Our employees reported feeling very elated and lost track of time. You may find yourself with fresh thoughts and musings about life when the notion of time is stretched into a new dimension.

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