Albino Louisiana Magic Mushrooms


Buy Albino Louisiana Magic Mushrooms online. Albino Louisiana Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis Albino Louisiana) are a strain that originated in Louisiana, where the subtropical environment allows numerous species and strains of mushrooms to flourish in the wild. Who created this strain for commercial interests is unclear. This is an uncommon strain; few mycologists produce spores or cultivate this strain because of its sluggish development and difficult circumstances.

The Albino Louisiana fungi are distinguished by their dazzling white heads and shorter stems. The development of this strain needs very little natural light, and fruiting is a very sluggish process. Expect increased potency as a result of the bigger ratio of caps to stems. Our employees have experienced a higher-than-average potency with an abundance of energy and visions and a little body high. The experience will vary from person to person and rely on your mindset, environment, and goals.

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