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Buy Magic mushroom grow kit online | Magic Mushroom Grow kits for sale. You can simply cultivate gorgeous magic mushrooms with our legal magic mushroom grow kits. Our mycelium-based grow kits are made entirely of mycelium. This implies they’re completely matured, so they’ll exhibit “pins” rapidly and you’ll be able to harvest your first batch of fresh mushrooms in two weeks.

You may pick from a large number of various grow kits with us, such as Magicbox Palenque, Equadorian, and Super Gold, or one of more than 12 distinct strains from our Stealthbox collection, or the Copelandia grow kit, which allows you to produce your own trusty old Hawaiians. Sirius grow kits are the simplest path to a vibrant universe. Magic mushroom grow kit USA


With magic mushroom grow kits, you may cultivate your own magic mushrooms at home. In a few of weeks, each tub yields many flushes of fruiting bodies. Gone are the days of combing forests and pastures for a taste of goodness—or depending on dodgy merchants!

There’s something for everyone in our collection of grow kits. Try one of our less strong strains for a gentle introduction to magic mushrooms if you’re new to them. If you want to blast out and explore different realms, though, you’ll need something a bit more powerful. By reading the description of a certain grow kit, you may obtain a broad notion of the potency of each strain.


Our Grow Kit B+ is a great place to start since it produces a lot of psilocybin mushrooms. B+ is the best grow kit to try if you want to radiate a sense of happiness. You won’t be disappointed with the aesthetic delight they give, both before and after consumption, with several specimens reaching over 30cm in height.

Why should you purchase a magic mushroom growing kit from

All of our mushroom growing kits are made in a sterile laboratory with great care. Because we have a limited supply, the grow kits are dispatched as soon as possible. Magic mushroom grow kits are available from a variety of sources. We’ve tried practically every type of mushroom kit on the market and put them through rigorous testing. We only sell the most dependable and yield-producing grow kits in our inventory. We continue to test new types of kits in order to find ones that satisfy our criteria, as the market is always changing. Are you looking for a specific strain or have a general query?

How long will the magical mushrooms take to grow?

After a two-week wait, your first mushrooms will emerge from the substratum, thanks to a simple preparation method that requires little work and can be completed in a single day! After a few days, harvesting may begin.

How many magical mushrooms will you be able to harvest from your grow kit?

The growth procedure can be repeated as needed until the substrate’s nutrients are exhausted. The initial flush (growth spurt) of mushrooms will be the most abundant, with subsequent flushes becoming smaller and smaller until no mushrooms remain. When the proper circumstances are reached, the typical result after depletion is between 300 and 400 grams of fresh mushrooms.  If you take in account that the recommended dose is a portion of 15 grams fresh mushrooms, we will let you do the math!

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