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Magic mushroom grow kits are certainly what you are looking for! These growth kits are already injected with cubensis spores and the mycelium is completely formed. You just add some water, the proper temperature and a sunny spot to allow the grow kit to develop.

Grow Kits without Mycelium

Grow kits without mycelium are grow kits or grow bags that do not contain any spores. They come in different Styles: 1. Substrate bags; Containing sterilized substrate only. 2. ContainSubstrate kits; ingredients to make your own substrate. 3. Substrate Grow kits; Including sterilized substrate and a growing aid, like Liquid Culture

Lentinula edodes Culture – Solstice Strain

Common name: Shiitake
Fruiting Temperature: 55–75 °F

"Solstice" is an all-weather strain. It can fruit from 50–80 °F but performs best at 58–60 °F. An ideal candidate for indoor cultivation on supplemented sawdust. Incubation time is about 6 weeks (on alder).


A premium manure based substrate mixture that has been pasteurized and paired with proper amendments to allow for healthy mycelium growth with the support from beneficial microbial life for faster colonization speeds and quality pinsets. Fungstrate is growing fast! We went from a few products listed on Etsy right into a full-fledge E-commerce website.

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Buy mushroom grow kit USA | Order mushroom grow kit USA. A mushroom growing kit contains everything you need to begin cultivating mushrooms at home. Whether you have extensive expertise growing mushrooms or are just getting started, or you want to make this a school project for your kid, it’s really simple to use and nearly anybody can pick it up quickly. Additionally, this package makes an excellent present for someone who appreciates mushrooms. Producing mushrooms is a lot of fun, and just as it is nice to eat fruits and vegetables from your own garden, your meal will undoubtedly taste better when you begin growing your own mushrooms.

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“I found Mushroom Revival Shop through a friend, tried it, and I’ve felt like my well-being is supported by using the formula regularly!”
Andrea F.
I’ve been looking for ways to naturally focus as I approach my masters degree. Using it in my water before I get to work makes me feel like I’m zoned in and ready to focus right away.”
“Mushroom Revival spoke to me because I can’t use CBD (bad reaction), so for similar, non-psychoactive results, I’ve been loving all my tinctures from here!”
Hannah B.
“Mushroom Revival spoke to me because I can’t use CBD (bad reaction), so for similar, non-psychoactive results, I’ve been loving all my tinctures from here!”
Hannah B.
First time ordering shrooms online. was a bit skeptical to buy off a website I found on google. The shrooms arrived in 3 days to Winnipeg since CP was slow but the product was amazing!
Nice product and fast shipping. Definitely recommend. Had no doubts with growing even after a few weeks in ambient temperature.
Mushroom Revival Shop has a very fast, excellent, and reliable staffs to handle any of your problems
Benny Scot

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Our mission is simple: We revive health with functional mushrooms so you can go back to feeling your best self. For thousands of years dating back to ancient civilizations, humans have utilized the revitalizing properties of fungi to support mental and physical health. We’re here to revive that ancient philosophy in you to help promote a healthy lifestyle. To put it lightly, we are absolutely obsessed with the power of mushrooms, and hope you will be too.

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